Scavengers raise funds for school

Town was wriggling and twerking with excitement as 13 teams of children (with some equably excitable adults) scavenged their way through Rainbow Beach.

The hunt included lots of photos; entire teams had to twerk, climb trees, clamber onto the “spiderweb” in the park and crowd into a telephone box – then take a selfie or ask someone to snap a photo.

We were collecting all sorts of items from something spiky and performing varied jobs like working somewhere we normally don’t and even hugging tourists!

We now know how many car parks, shops and steps there are and that water temperature was a pleasant 20 degrees.

On a positive note, participants said it was hard to find graffitti or litter – they had to bring back a whole bag of rubbish. I do believe there are a few businesses with empty bins.

P&C organisers Bec Duggan and Ann Moroney said a hefty $465.35 was raised. After a hectic counting off twenty items when each team rolled in, Bec said, “The weather held out for us – just!”

“A big thank you to everyone for turning up, to Darryl Fitzgerald for the sausages and local businesses for putting up with schoolkids in their shops.”

“If we do it again next year we’ll be very specific on how we word things -as there were a few different interpretations!”

There were no complaints from the teams – there were prizes galore, it was a fantastic way to earn some cash for the P&C, have fun and get active.

Plus there were plenty of smiles from business owners and tourists as the lists were ticked off – we look forward to the next one!

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