Surfing Penguin Coming to Town!

Defence 2022 - Keep an eye out for a Surfing Penguin (LARC V military vehicle) in late August

Keep an eye out for a Surfing Penguin (LARC V military vehicle) in late August

It’s not often you are told you can spot a Penguin at Rainbow Beach, let alone a surfing one!

Unfortunately, it’s not a talented flightless aquatic bird that you will see but part of the 10 Force Support Battalion; the 35 Water Transport Squadron, conducting their annual Exercise Surfing Penguin.

Utilizing the LARC V (Lighter Amphibious Resupply Cargo – 5 Tonne), soldiers will be conducting surf negotiation training and certification in preparation for the High Risk Weather Season (Oct–Mar). This mandatory training is carried out in preparation for any humanitarian aid or disaster relief that the Australian Defence Force is called upon to support.

The LARC V can operate in surf conditions of up to 2m carrying supplies or personnel across the surf zone and beach head. LARC V’s will operating in and out of the water in various locations progressing to larger surf conditions around Pacific Boulevard. Further training will be conducted utilising the F470 Zodiac (inflatable boat) in order to familiarise soldiers operating in surf conditions.

Keep an eye out around Rainbow Beach as well as Inskip Point and Pacific Boulevard between 24 and 30 August as there will be ‘Military Activity in Progress’ signage clearly visible when training is being conducted.

Defence asks that all residents and visitors to please stay clear of the designated areas that are marked with signage and where there is active training occurring. However, the public is welcome to interact with soldiers on the beach when LARC’s are not moving in and out of the water.

So if you’re in the area at the end of August and are looking to see something different, why not go searching for a Surfing Penguin!

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