Superheroes and Pre-Preps at Rainbow Beach State School

Sarah Brantz shepherds the flock of pre-preps into their orientation classes, so they’re ready for school next year

Sarah Brantz shepherds the flock of pre-preps into their orientation classes, so they’re ready for school next year

Students are busy in the classroom completing units of work and assessments, as well as preparing for Christmas concert items.

The student council will organize some games for the Prep, 1 and 2 students over the coming weeks on a Monday and Wednesday playtime and some aspiring DJs will pump out some tunes during lunch breaks.

I have discussed with our Year 5 students the opportunity for them to nominate for student leader positions for 2019. We talked about the roles and responsibilities of RBSS leadership positions and what makes a good leader. Students that have shown an interest in these positions will bring an application package home for you to peruse and discuss with them.

At this stage, we have sixteen year 6 students for 2019, all of which have demonstrated leadership qualities during their time at Rainbow Beach State School. It is for this reason that the year 6 students will participate in a leadership camp in Term one 2019 at Tallebudgera Beach School Camp on the Gold Coast. It is a five day camp with the theme of ‘Hero’s Journey’ based on students leaving behind their familiar surroundings and journeying to an exciting ‘new world’ where there are risks, challenges and new problems to be solved.

Brekky/Fitness Club

There was a great turn out of students at last Thursday’s Breakfast/Fitness club for the word had passed around that the Principal of school wasn’t going to be there and instead, some young, exciting and fit instructor (Mark from the Gym) would be taking the activities.

Furthermore, there were rumors that a celebrity chef (Matt and Bernie from the IGA) would be cooking and the food was going to be great; bacon, eggs, hash browns, coco pops and nutri-grain. This was great! The kids loved it and they come in droves. I thank our volunteers for their time and effort but now the regular chefs and fitness instructor will be there this week and I am concerned about the students’ disappointment!

Swimming Program

Our school swimming program is on December 3 to 7,  each day for the week.

Swimming is a part of the school HPE curriculum and the expectation is that all students will participate fully. The school will fund the program.

Thanks to the tuckshop team!

The role of our tuckshop and the people who provide nutritious food and drinks for students and staff is very important to our school community. I hope after each shift our tuckshop helpers feel their contribution has been appreciated by the students and the school.

Although we have various people helping throughout the year, it is BJ and Kirstie that are rock solid every Friday. As a parent it is a great feeling knowing that you don’t have to get up and make morning teas and lunches on a Friday. The students, parents and staff thank you for your delicious food and smiling faces.

Attention Year 12 graduates and your parents  Darren – in a bubble or something

This is the LAST CALL for your formal photos, and few words on what you are up to next year. Whether it be it study, work or a gap year, any Year 12 awards, and your casual or part-time work, please email your formal photos and few words, or please call Brooke Bignell (0412 132 699) in Rainbow Beach or Jess Milne (0411 218 254) at Tin Can Bay/Cooloola Cove and you can answer a few quick questions!

Also – a shout out to advertisers – we are looking for businesses to sponsor the Year 12 pages. Please call Heatley on 0407 660 198.

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