Road Safety starts with me (and you) this Queensland Road Safety Week!

Road safety week 2022

Queensland Road Safety Week 2022 is recognised from Monday, August 22 through to Friday, August 26.

Our everyday behaviours can be directly transferable to situations on the road.

  • What is a dangerous hazard when you’re distracted looking at your phone in public, is an even more dangerous choice on the road.
  • Being tempted to go fast and weaving around others to save a few seconds on your trip is a dangerous choice on a scooter or bike, and even more dangerous choice on the road.
  • Letting impatience take over and encroaching on someone’s space at the grocery store is a general annoyance there, but a dangerous choice on the road.
  • Falling asleep at a meeting because you stayed up too late watching a new series release is an embarrassing moment at work, but a dangerous choice if choosing to drive tired on the road.
  • A sudden stop when you’re following too closely behind someone can result in a loss of drinks at a footy game. But what is a soggy mistake there is a dangerous choice on the road.

Which behaviours can you easily make a change to, to make our roads a safer place?


Unsure how you can contribute to safer Queensland Roads? Join us for a coffee where you can meet your local police, ask any questions you might have and find out how we can all drive change this Queensland Road Safety Week.

You will find us at the following locations between 9am and 11am:

Coffee with a Cop Locations 18-8-2022

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