Local survey reveals coastal papers are what people rely on

Cooloola Cove Residents and Friends are now at the third stage release of results of their Community Survey.

It is good news for us! Our two local papers were not separated with results – and together, this is where locals find out about “community events and happenings”.

Other options mentioned were word-of-mouth, email and Facebook – but they paled into the background compared to a whopping 92% of respondents favouring the Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News and Bay Bulletin, both independent, free monthly publications.

This is well supported by data across Australia, NewsMediaWorks reports that community newspaper readers are also highly engaged with their locality and they prefer to use local trades and services compared to the average Australian, which is good news for our advertisers.

What do you rely on for community events and happenings?*

Demographic (Returns) 18 – 45 yrs (7) 46 – 65 (51) Above 65 (95) TOTAL (153)
Gympie Times 2 14 13 29
Bay Bulletin
Rainbow Beach Community News
5 49 87 141 (92%)
Community Notice Boards 3 23 27 53
Letter box drop 3 33 36 72

*Question 3 in the Cooloola Cove Residents & Friends Community Survey

Also discussed were the best things about living in Cooloola Cove. Location, flora and fauna were key, but totally overridden by the fact that the town is “friendly” and has “peace and quiet”!

If you are after more information on the survey, talk to the new Executive and Committee for the 2017/18 year: President – Graham Langdown (0433 062 906), Vice President – Jackie Moore, Secretary – Joan Creswell, Treasurer – Gail Langdown, Committee – Jess Milne, Brian Williams, Bryan Phillips, Peter Connolly.

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