A new baby for Saturn!

Aussie Bear's last visit to Widgiemooltha in WA

Aussie Bear’s last visit to Widgiemooltha in WA

by Peter and Margaret Grant

Look at that! We are already halfway through 2016.  As I write, we are nearing the shortest day of the year and we still haven’t really had any winter.

For me, a ‘summer baby’,  that’s OK. But I suppose winter will bring its cold westerly winds in July and August. All the more reason to snuggle in your caravan watching TV with “the best antenna in the whole wide world”…hahaha

Aussie Bear across the Nullarbor.

On our return from this year’s trip across the Nullarbor, Peter and I made the decision that we would fly to the Perth Caravan Show from now on. The six days over to Perth and the six days back takes a lot out of our business time.

Besides, we have now done the trip seven times and we are over the fast trips there and back. Luckily, we took plenty of photos of Aussie Bear’s adventures. Aussie Bear at the SA/WA border….at Widgiemooltha, WA…..at Little Topar, NSW….at the Eastern end of the Nullarbor Plain….etc, etc.

With all the times we have travelled across the Nullarbor, you would think that we have seen everything that is to be seen. Yet, each time we see something new. Another stop in a different place gives us an opportunity for another experience.

How is this for an amazing  photo. We stopped at a tiny place outside Broken Hill called Little Topar and what should we find but a “Where the hell is Rainbow Beach” sticker. Obviously, Sam Mitchell and his Variety Bash team had been there and left their stamp.

Motorhome Rally in Bathurst

At the recent motorhome rally in Bathurst, Peter was astounded at the performance of the Saturn Antenna. Well, not really. He was more astounded that the Saturn Antenna was the only antenna in the 900 antennas on motorhomes at the rally that performed properly. Let me clarify that for you.

At the beginning of 2015, Telstra and Optus began using their new phone towers that transmitted on the frequencies that used to be TV frequencies. The government sold these frequencies to pay for the upgrade to digital TV reception.

All older caravan antennas have an amplifier that is boosting the full range of the ‘old’ TV frequencies that are now ‘new’ phone frequencies. When those antennas come within 1km of these new phone towers, the booster and the ‘new’ phone frequencies clash, creating interference in TV reception.

The new Saturn Antennas have an amplifier that boosts only the ‘new’ TV frequencies. With one of these towers near the Mount Panorama race track where the rally was held, there were many unhappy motorhomers.

We are very proud of the Aussie Made Saturn Antenna that we keep up-to-date with the latest technology.

To find out more about the Saturn Antenna, visit www.saturnantennas.com.au or look for us on Facebook at facebook.com/saturnantennas or on Instagram at @saturnantennas and #saturnantennas.

Arian James

Before I finish, let this proud Nana share a photo of our newest grandchild – Arian James. Rebecca, Benn and Rivah welcomed him on June 1. Yahoo, another beautiful baby to spoil.

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