Rainbow Beach State School Cross Country April 2013

On Friday the 19th of April Rainbow Beach State School held it’s annual Cross Country event. Despite the foggy start, the day was a huge success with all students giving their absolute best. This carnival was the closest cross country in a number of years with the difference in points to determine which house won being only one point. Cooloola 191, Fraser 192. Congratulations Fraser. There were a number of sensational performances by students at Rainbow Beach that deserve a mention including; James Worthington, Madison Betteridge and Hugh Gilmore who achieved some great times in their age groups. Also well done to our Prep students who participated in their first ever cross country. A big thank you to all the parents who came down to support our students and to all those parents who volunteered to help out on the day. We really appreciate your support!!  Damian Olsen, Principal Rainbow Beach State School

Cross Country Places

Students born in:

2000       Lily Goodwin Van de Vorst                                           Lachlan Julius

2001       Lauren Palmer                                                                   Zac McCarthy

                Kyani Parton                                                                      Coby Tuton

                Emily Brantz                                                                       Bailey Craig

2002       Arwen Goodwin Van de Vorst                                   James Worthington

                Lily McShane                                                                      Drew Lindenberg

                Sara Major                                                                          Billy Bergin

2003       Madison Betteridge                                                        Hugh Gilmore

                Jorja Duggan                                                                      Samuel Sharman

                Keely Falconer                                                                  Tom Head

2004       Tilly Duggan                                                                        Fletcher Ness

                Emma Worthington                                                        Charlie Kingsley

                Isabella Blee                                                                       Rian Beinke

2005       Hannah Hanson                                                                Archie Gilmore

                Elva Crowley                                                                      Rory Mick

                Mikayla Ross                                                                      Clive Crowley

2006       Luxie-Leigh Duffy                                                             Nathan Kingsley

                                                                                                                Jimi Duggan

                                                                                                                Jasper Yallowley

2007      Keira Arthur                                                                         Ryan Sharman

                Saachi Stiefler                                                                     Guy Bergin /Alex Kingsley  

                Tia Lattanzi

2008       Chloe Thomson                                                                   Finn Dimmock                                                                  

2008 Participants – Aidan Burgess, Kye Feeney, Samuel Norman, Ari Skennerton, Saylor Swan, Maia Booth     

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