Rainbow Beach Runs: is it the most underrated event in Qld?

After Cooloola Drive, there is still more of the gruelling ascent

After Cooloola Drive, there is still more of the gruelling ascent

by Joe Raftery, Race Director

“The Rainbow Beach Trail Runs might be the most outrageously underpriced and underrated event in Queensland” – that’s how last month’s event was described on social media.

Last month saw the best staging so far of the Rainbow Beach Runs. It was a very hot day but all runners completed their various events: 134 runners set off and 134 runners crossed the finish line.

Every runner deserves mention but these are two that stood out for me.

Bailey Paxton won the 5km race in just 26:04. That’s a good effort for the loop up over the Carlo Sandblow. What makes it exceptional is that Bailey is 11 years old! This is one name to watch for the future.

Chris Jacobsen in winning the 43km race, ran an exceptional time of 4:03:55 with a stunning lead of 42 minutes. Other results:


26:04 – Bailey Paxton

29:17 – Jane Lacey


58:02 – Dan O’Rourke

1:06:12 – Emma Forster


1:57:21 – Corey Brough

2:25:53 – Mellisa Massey


4:03:55 – Chris Jacobsen

4:48:34 – Emma Burgess

Much thanks to the SES personnel who manned the checkpoints and ensured the safety of all runners in the stifling heat. Thanks also to Ian Javes for providing much of the impetus and legwork for getting this event off the ground.

The Rainbow Beach Sports Club came to the fore once again with access to the amazing pool venue, fed the runners the night before and breakfasts afterwards.

The feedback from runners after the race was very positive. Hopefully we will be able to increase our permit in future and attract even more people to come and see what Rainbow Beach has to offer. We may be making some substantial changes for the event next year so stay tuned.

The results can be found at: http://www.webscorer.com/race?pid=1&raceid=32916, lots more images on https://www.facebook.com/RainbowBeachCommunityNews

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