Rainbow Beach Fishing Report

Probably our biggest daily catch of Maori Cod on Charter

Probably our biggest daily catch of Maori Cod on Charter

by Tony Stewart 54868666.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au

Things really quietened down this month with back to school and work. Then some really bad weather was thrown in.

Nick's Spangled Emperor

Nick’s Spangled Emperor

As I write our vessel is at Tin Can Bay having its yearly anti-foul and gearbox service. This would have to coincide with good weather, but we are off for a month so you have to follow the diary.

I am looking forward to pulling in Victorian Snapper, and it looks like one of the best years ever in that State, where a lot of Fish are 10-12kgs. I definitely won’t be targeting the 100kg Tuna -that is for the young ones!

Skipper Rick's Big Pearl Perch.

Skipper Rick’s Big Pearl Perch.

For this time of year our last few trips offshore have been very good, as we have been able to dodge the current run this month. Our main catches were made up of Squire, Pearland Moses Perch, Maori Cod, Parrot,Spangled Emperor with the odd Cobia and Dolphin Fish.

A happy punter with a Squire

A happy punter with a Squire

Hopefully while I am away you will be fortunate enough to receive plenty of rain as the economy of Gympie is so reliant on good seasons. At present this area is desperate for soaking rains.

‘Til next month- stay safe.


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