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Ensure you have enough fuel for your boat and the trip

Ensure you have enough fuel for your boat and the trip

School and public holidays are great carefree days, especially on the water. Remember though, to check not only your safety gear and means of communication, but also your fuel supply.

Dirty fuel can ruin a good day out. Even worse, is running out of fuel. Unfortunately, this is becoming a bigger problem recently.

In our area, we are also seeing a rise in the number of callouts for fuel shortage. Recently, we were called out to rescue a 37ft Riviera that had run out of fuel mid-crossing of the Wide Bay Bar.

It had drifted to within a few metres of running aground off Hook Point before getting the anchor down.

The skipper had left Southport believing he had enough fuel by looking at his fuel gauge, not knowing it was faulty.

In case you get into trouble, the best way of contacting us is via VHF radio, Channel 80. It has far longer range and fewer blackspots than a mobile.

War on wrecks update

The contractor cleaning up derelict vessels has already removed the vessels reachable from the shoreline at Bullock Point, Tin Can Bay Esplanade, Teewah Point, Toolara Drive and Griffin Creek.

They will return in January 2020 with specialised equipment such as cranes mounted on a barge to remove a number of submerged vessels.

These will then be broken up and dumped. Such vessels will include the ex-ferry “Dreamer”.

Coastguard Christmas Raffle

Mrs A. M. from Tin Can Bay, won the raffle of a wheelbarrow donated by Mitre 10, filled with a selection of alcoholic delights and other treats to suit all tastes. Thank you to all those who purchased tickets for your support.

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