Rainbow Beach Fishing Report

Sipple boys got amongst quality snapper on Baitrunner

Sipple boys got amongst quality snapper on Baitrunner

Hi all. Well, it’s been a tough month with miserable weather conditions and of course some big swell. Unfortunately the majority of our trips were cancelled and I found myself putting the nail bag back on and picking up the paintbrush again, of course right in the middle of a heat wave and boy hasn’t it been a scorcher.

A couple of trips we did manage to get in found us going wide and gathering a good mixed bag made of red emperor, snapper, pearl and Moses perch, sweetlip, husser, parrot, wrass and cod.

Actually, for this time of the year we have been catching exceptionally good fish; fingers crossed that when this weather settles down we can have a good run and continue with great fishing.

Along the beaches has been difficult due to the weed hanging about and now with it looking much cleaner I’m looking forward to the start of the Taylor run and a few nice Jew as surf fishing is still a favourite. ‘Til next month stay cool.

Cheers Mat

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