Rainbow Beach Fishing Report

Tony Zahn with a nice Red Emperor

Tony Zahn with a nice Red Emperor

by Mat Cooper

So the question everyone is asking is, where is all the rain? And boy don’t we need it.

It’s amazing for this time of the year just how little we have had, and all keen fisho’s and crabbers know just how important a fresh flush of water is for our waterways and inshore creeks.

One good session of rain can produce some amazing fishing sessions and gets those muddies on the move.

Outside fishing has been good still, with quality fish of all species from reef to pelagics. Parrot have been very consistent as have Maori and gold spot cod. Mahi Mahi, mackerel, cobia and amberjack have been providing serious sport action, along with longtail tuna taking small slugs.

I have always been reluctant to try raw fish before, however if there was ever going to be a time to try, it’s when you have caught it and know how fresh it is.

So, sliced thin and with a squeeze of lemon and away we went. I would now highly recommend  this (delicious).

Many of you will already know that Baitrunner is currently out of the water and awaiting some repairs, which unfortunately involves insurance, and at this stage I am unsure of a timeframe.

I can only hope it will back in operation by early March, so sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused for anyone.

Till next month, happy and safe fishing.

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