Rainbow Beach fishing report

Ralf Dorrestein's group from Kia Ora had a huge day on the water

Ralf Dorrestein’s group from Kia Ora had a huge day on the water

Welcome to our June fishing report. Trips have not been as plentiful as May, due firstly to slipping our vessel for the Annual Anti foul, and gearbox servicing.

After one trip we unfortunately hit some underwater obstruction so it was back to the slipway. Gearbox damage was done; so after an insurance assessment we were off the water for just on two weeks.

Between patches of bad weather we are finally operational, with some nice fish coming aboard including a bag out on snapper. Other species landed included parrot, Moses perch, sweetlip and jobfish.

As I write, another rain system is passing to the South; so with the Westerlies returning seas should flatten quickly.

With a return to Westerlies sea temperatures should also drop, hopefully improving fishing on the closer reefs.

Until next month enjoy your time on the water and stay safe.

Tony Stewart: 5486-8666, 0408 767-930. www.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au

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