Rainbow Beach DroughtRunners Report April 2022

Over the last couple of months it has been hard coordinating appeals and distribution of funds whilst being away.

Mostly funds have been distributed via Visa cards through different businesses in the Murgon-Goomeri area to help with fencing, coordinated by Blaze-Aid. So far we have just sent $6000 to cover food, fuel and materials with another $2000 sent on 20 March.

Last week I met 40 wonderful Rotarians at a dinner meeting in Bendigo where I was invited to speak about what the DroughtRunners had been doing over the last six years. Of course the talk and film clips mainly highlighted the floods around Gympie.

As I was only 150 kilometres from Bendigo and the mention of a $10,000 donation for the Gympie region I was pleased to enlighten them on the Gympie disaster.

This month we have also helped the homeless in Gympie and the Tin Can Bay SES, Tin Can Bay Coastguard, and also a few smaller donations.

Many thanks to Wayne Kerle who continues to work hard sorting 10c returns at Bay Auto in Tin Can Bay, Jim Snee for his money raising, Tin Can Bay Bakery for donations and all that have donated in some way.

Just a reminder any flood donations can also be left at Rainbow Beach Post Office where 100% of any donation gets to its destination free of administration costs. Also any 10c returns can be left at 10 Tingira Close in Rainbow Beach.

Next month I will hopefully be able to mention many more donations promised to me from Victoria. I will see you all soon.

RB Droughtrunners: BOQ Gympie BSB 124047 ACC 22599186

Tony Stewart

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