‘Playground’ spectacular exhibition!

Artist Paul Hagan is bringing his exhibition to Rainbow this month!

Artist Paul Hagan is bringing his exhibition to Rainbow this month!

An incredible show by a world renowned artist, Paul Hagan, is coming to Rainbow Beach this October.

The exhibition ‘Playground’ has been developed over several years with footage captured by the artist of Urban Sydney, Vivid Sydney, and Iconic Sydney Landscapes.

This work encompass reflective and projected video sequences utilising holographic techniques, as well as incorporative elements of movement and sound.

These sculptures are intriguing and interactive, allowing the audience to wander through the light and sound sculpture.

Paul will make the installation a wandering type experience with the audience engaged in the content as they move from screen to screen.
The mirrors are used to reflect colourful elements of the light and sound components.
Soundscapes, composed by the artist exclusively for this exhibition are intimately associated with the installation and are played through speakers in 5:1 surround.
Paul is honoured in being able to present his work in Rainbow Beach,with what is promised to be a very exciting exhibition.

This must-not-miss event is coming to Rainbow on October 5 to 8 at the Community Hall. There is no need to book and entry is by gold coin donation.

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