Outings planned for Over 60s

Lunch at Silky Oaks:  Yvonne Jeffrey and Phil Herron

Lunch at Silky Oaks: Yvonne Jeffrey and Phil Herron

We thank the Surf Club for providing such a pleasant venue to gather each month on the  first Tuesday for a chat . Please feel free to join us.

Lunch at “Silky Oaks” was the venue for the June meeting and 16 attended. The weekly “Farmer’s  Market” and lively music made for a pleasant setting on a rainy day.

We are always looked after by the helpful staff. We encourage others to call in if you haven’t already found this enterprising  venue.

Because of work closures on the Miva bridge, this visit will take place later in the year. Yearly fees just to pay for insurance are now due. Many of our members are travelling at present and we wish them well and a safe return.

A suggestion for July is a visit to the Hervey Bay Historical Village & Museum. A new exhibit, detailing the history of the “TSS Maheno” hospital ship used at Gallipoli and wrecked on Fraser Island, will be opened on  July 12.

This includes a replica of the bell just cast at the Olds engineering works. A date to be notified.

On Friday, June 19, a moving  farewell service was held for member Margaret Cudadhy’s  husband, Bill.

The setting at the Rainbow Beach Memorial was well attended  and on such a glorious winter  day the bay and surrounds were so fitting for someone like Bill, who served his country well and loved Rainbow Beach.

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