Halloween safety tricks go down a treat

Halloween October 2022October means Halloween, which like it or not is becoming more popular each year with Aussie kids.

On Monday 31 October the local streets will come alive with witches, monsters, vampires, and fairies seeking sweet treats – and hopefully not too many tricks!

To make sure your Halloween doesn’t become a nightmare, trick or treaters should:

  • Go early – start before sundown while it is still light, or make sure you stick to well-lit areas;
  • Plan your route in advance and try to choose the least amount of road crossings;
  • Be accompanied by an adult monster at all times (or a responsible witch, ghost or vampire);
  • Always walk, not run, between houses and stick to the footpath rather than the road;
  • Wear bright colours to enhance your visibility to passing motorists;
  • Use face paint instead of masks (to avoid vision being obstructed) and keep those fabulous costumes short enough to avoid trips and falls;
  • Never enter a stranger’s house, even if they have invited you in after knocking on their door; and
  • Consider joining your friends on a neighbourhood adventure – there is safety in numbers for little goblins and ghouls.

Drivers are to be aware of increased youth movement on the roads between 5-9pm.

We also understand that not everyone is on the same page when it comes to Halloween. While some people relish the opportunity to dress up – others could think of nothing worse than trick-or-treaters knocking on the door and disturbing their peace.

To help you indicate that you would enjoy a knock on the door come 31 October, you can ensure that your house is brightly lit with outdoor lights, decorations are hung, and/or you have a clear poster or sign welcoming trick or treaters.

To deter those pesky witches and wizards from seeking treats, turn off all outdoor lights and keepand gates locked (if possible). You can also google and print out posters stating that your preference not to be disturbed, or make a clear sign and hang it in an obvious place.

Whilst we all love a good scare and enjoy the kooky, spooky, and altogether ooky-ness of Halloween, the safety of children is paramount, as is the enjoyment of all community members.

Stay safe, and have a Happy Halloween!

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