Off leash dog areas on the cooloola coast

Not all dogs are as cute and little as this one. Do you think dogs should be off leash on the beach or elsewhere on the coast and where? Tell us what you think on:

Not all dogs are as cute and little as this one. Do you think dogs should be off leash on the beach or elsewhere on the coast and where?

by Michelle Gilmore

We have had an inquiry about off leash dog areas on the beach. As we are dog owners ourselves, I thought we’d look into it.

A Gympie Regional Council spokesperson has advised: “There are no areas in the Gympie region other than the fenced dog off leash area at Archery Park and the one at Lake Alford, which will be opened in January where dogs are allowed off-leash.

“The Cooloola Cove – Centenary of Federation Park Masterplan adopted earlier this year, does propose one in this park. There are no funds in this current budget for this and would be subject to other competing priorities for the masterplan as to what projects are funded in this area.”

The National Parks and Wildlife website stresses that dogs are not welcome everywhere, including inside vehicles traversing beaches and access tracks—for example Teewah Beach, Double Island Point and Freshwater Road.

However, they are permitted in the Inskip Peninsula Recreation Area and in the dog-friendly zone, between First and Third Cuttings in the Cooloola Recreation Area.

Recommendations listed on the National Parks website:

  • For safety, it is a requirement to keep dogs on leashes and under control at all times, both in the camping areas and on the beach
  • Do not allow dogs to chase birds or other wildlife
  • Wrap or bag dog droppings and place these in the bins
  • Ensure that your dog does not prevent rangers’ access to view your camping permit tag
  • Be warned that dogs are not permitted anywhere else in the Cooloola Recreation Area

However, visitors please note that the Cooloola Coast is dog-friendly – some holiday homes and caravan parks welcome dogs (sometimes at certain weeks of the year), and you will often see our four legged friends al fresco at our cafes and  restaurants.

Your comments from our Facebook page:

Nikki Goodwin-Tebbutt I have always thought an area good for dogs to be able go for run is just north of flagged area and up to where cars come onto beach.

James Menteith I would not be in agreement with it, too many dog owners say their dog does not bite but we see aggressive dogs in these leash off areas, owners not bothering to pick up after their pooch, unwanted attention from dogs running loose with the owner watching as their pooch jumps all over people that just want a relaxing day on the beach. I could go on and on.

Mova N Bruce Maguire No. Dogs should always be on a leash on the beach.

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