Nippers back on January 22

Nippers - An all in circular flag event

An all in circular flag event

by Nerissa Legge, Junior Activities Co-ordinator

We held our annual Nippers Fun Day Break-up for the festive season, followed by a BBQ downstairs at the club. There were three group rotations, with three different activities incorporating Nippers from all age groups.

Each activity required team work, communication and plenty of FUN. We then moved on to some sprint relays and wade relays to finish off the morning.

Nippers - Learning teamwork!

Learning teamwork!

It’s always fantastic to see Nippers aged from 5 to 14 years, encouraging each other and simply having a wonderful time.

A huge thank you to Brad Hethorn for coordinating the popular activities and Tracey Hethorn for taking care of the BBQ Breakup.

If you would like your child(ren) to join our Nipper program it is not too late. We happily take new memberships at anytime during the season. Please contact me for any information on 0408 731104. Nippers resumes Sunday 22 January, see you all then.

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