It’s a ripper to Be a Nipper!

Worthington familyBy Fiona Worthington

Earlier this year our youngest child, Emma, completed her final season as a Nipper at Rainbow Beach Surf Life Saving Club, her 10th Season and my 12th Season as a parent/ volunteer.  Some Sunday mornings it was difficult to get out of bed, motivate the kids and ourselves to hit the beach rain, hail or shine. Those Sunday mornings are well worth it.

The highlights were watching them grow in confidence and as they turned into teenagers, becoming role models for the younger Nippers. There were times when there were tears after being beaten, tears when being pounded by waves on a board and tears when being rescued by the IRB when the swim became too much. But there were also smiles and laughter.

There were times when they thought about giving it away and times when I felt life was too busy to fit Sunday mornings in to our schedule, but we did. These years and sacrificing a little personal time have paid off.

Proudly now, I watch as my two former Nippers patrol the beach on a weekend, undertake rescues, provide water safety for younger Nippers and share their love of Surf Lifesaving with others. They juggle school, part-time jobs and volunteering. And I sit back and smile proudly at the admirable young people they and their Surf Club peers have become.

After 12 seasons our family will not be hanging up their Nipper caps and clipboards, we have witnessed firsthand what being a part of this organisation is about and we will all continue to give our time to watch the next generation of kids achieve, enjoy and conquer Nipper Awards, Surf Rescue Certificates and Bronze Medallions.

So join our family on the beach this coming season and sign your family up to Nippers. Give your children the opportunity to grow and develop in a healthy environment.

Sign on days September 21 and 29, 2019, 10am – 11.30am at the Rainbow Beach Aquatic Centre followed by Run, Swim, Run Competencies on the beach for members who wish to participate in the Rainbow Beach Nipper Carnival October 19, 2019. Nippers commences on the beach 8.30am Sunday October 6, 2019.

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