Myna Birds are a Major Problem

Myna Birds are a Major Problem

Myna Birds are a Major Problem

The Indian or Common Myna (Sturnus tristis) was introduced to Australia in the 1860s. They occur in many cities and towns along the east coast of Australia and are spreading inland.

They are extremely aggressive and territorial birds that out-compete native birds for food, water and shelter. Myna’s are detrimental to our native environment, infrastructure and economy due to:

  • Displacement of native animals from nests (tree hollows)
  • Killing the chicks and eggs of native birds
  • Being carriers of disease and bird mites to humans
  • Harassment of pets and stealing their food
  • Nesting in roof cavities creating a fire and health risk
  • Causing very loud noise disturbances at roost sites
  • Blocking down-pipes and roof gutters with their nests causing flooding in buildings
  • Increasing the spread of agricultural weeds

How to Reduce Myna Bird Problems

  • Identify if myna birds occur in your area
  • Prevent nesting by sealing off entry points to your roof
  • Do not leave food outside and feed pets indoors
  • Use rubbish bins with lids
  • Join a community trapping program
  • Record where Myna birds occur in your local area

For more information on Gympie Regional Council’s trapping program visit

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