Tin Can Bay School P-10 News April 2016

Arwen Goodwin-Van  de Vorst and Kyani Parton learning to learn about Fish Physiology and Anatomy

Arwen Goodwin-Van de Vorst and Kyani Parton learning to learn about Fish Physiology and Anatomy

by Principal Desley Kirby

I am excited to have been successful in my application to become your permanent Principal.  The application process was a wonderful opportunity for me to consider the great work that is being undertaken in our school community to create a culture for and of learning.

A snapshot of last month’s learning activities:

  • Year 3 classes used Publisher to create professional looking certificates
  • Marine Studies students dissected fish
  • Year 7 students attended a Robotics Workshop
  • Amazing aprons crafted in Home Economics
  • Year 2 students wrote stories:

Harrison:  We went to the Gympie Gold Museum and we went into a Dentist.  I got to play a typewriter stampers.  We saw an old bus.  I saw some old houses.  We went gold panning.  

Sky:   We went into the classroom and went to the jail, and everybody hopped in jail and the teacher hopped in.  It was fun.

Lily:   After we went to the horse and carriages then we went to find some gold.  I didn’t get any gold.  Brodie found some gold.  It was fun.

I would like to thank our parent community for your on-going support in ensuring that your student is at school every day prepared to learn.  I wish our whole school community a safe, relaxing and enjoyable vacation.

Year 10 Leadership Camp – Garapine
Year 10 students had an amazing time at their leadership camp at Garapine, located just South of Gympie. Everyone worked as a member of a team to solve many problems demonstrating high levels of communication and persistence.

Some stand out, memorable moments include students leading the way to test ideas to solve problems like sling shooting targets, and untying knots in a rope without letting go of the rope.

Other physical endeavours included moving all members along a path with limited resources, kayaking along the Mary River and ensuring all members safety while traversing the high ropes.

While on camp we investigated a variety of aspects within our school including its strengths, school pride and suggestions for improvement. Many great ideas were discussed and we look forward to utilising these in the future.

We all learned a lot about each other and ourselves during the camp and we all came  away with newfound respect.  I would like to congratulate all involved on a wonderful leadership camp.

P&C AGM on April 19

The AGM is on April 19 so please get involved – collect executive nomination forms from the main office. The P&C is a great way to work with the school.  Meetings are on the third Tuesday of each month.

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