Merry Christmas from the Gardiner Team

New Gardiner team member Jye, who is the junior ambassador for Gobblers Lures

New Gardiner team member Jye, who is the junior ambassador for Gobblers Lures

Hi and meet team member Jye. We are very pleased to endorse Jye as the first Junior Ambassador for Gobblers Lures.

Jye has undertaken a great deal of research and development using the Gobblers range of soft plastics. This month Jye shares some insight as to why he loves using these soft plastics.

“My personal favourite in the Gobblers range is the newly released UV Croc Bait 4.75 Jerkshad. This specific lure is very versatile. They can be fished in the deep for species such as sweetlip, cod, pearl perch and other offshore species.

“My favourite use for this soft plastic is fishing the shallow flats for flathead. I like to rig my plastic on a ¼ oz Jig head with a 2/0 hook, rigged nice and straight and this plastic has a great flicking action when twitched along the bottom.

“When fishing for flathead using my Gobblers Lures I set up a drift across the flats so that I am drifting as far as possible without having to start the motor. Long casts into the wind is a must as you want to minimise slack line to ensure the lure is hitting the bottom to entice the fish.”

Gobblers Lures make an extremely durable soft plastic, we have had reports of people catching 15+ flathead on the one lure. That is testament of a top-quality Australian made product, built to stand up to our tough Aussie fish.

Have a safe and relaxing Christmas and for all your bait, tackle, firewood, ice, or to chat with Jye and see the great range of Gobblers Lures, drop in and see us at Gardiner Fisheries  1 Karoonda Rd, Rainbow Beach.

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