Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters

Ben Young, stoked with catching his first nice Red Emperor

Ben Young, stoked with catching his first nice Red Emperor

Hi all, unfortunately the strong winds and large swell continued into the beginning of April and whilst there were a few odd days with slight wind, the large swell still made it too dangerous for venturing out.

As I write this report, we are finally getting a break and some settled weather allowing us to get in a couple of trips.

Our patrons are extremely grateful to our team for the work and effort they put into finding good fish, enabling them to take home a great mixed bag.  Red emperor, snapper, trout, sweetlip, parrot, husser, golden spot wrasse, Moses, pearl perch and cod have made up the majority of catches.  Plenty of tuna is around for those keen for a bit of arm stretching.

Congrats Ben Young. Ben had been chasing a red emperor and put in plenty of trips before we took over Baitrunner, in search of these elusive predators. His second trip out with us saw success and he ticked one off the bucket list. His quest for trout will have to wait another day!

Due to the conditions of late, I have not heard of any beach fishing or Taylor reports, however, they are being caught in the Straits. Once things settle more it should pick up.  Flathead have also been very active in the Straits.

Hopefully this good spell will hang around and we’ll have another great report for you next month.

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