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Fishing - Chandlery - Emma Rippon from The Chandlery catching a feed of squid for the family

Emma Rippon from The Chandlery catching a feed of squid for the family

G’day guys and gals! We hope that you’re all keeping well and getting amongst a few. This cold weather means one species is definitely on the chew in the Bay, and that is squid.

They’re around in plagues and this year they have not disappointed! Our customers have been reporting catching a good feed of squid, with ease and in a short time.

The jig of choice around here and the standout for the last couple of years, has been the Yamashita Suite jigs in sizes 2.2 and 2.5, and pink and orange are the favourites.

However, there’s been a trend towards more natural colours recently and locals have found it pays to mix it up.

The typical way jigs are fished around here is on a paternoster rig, I like to call it the ‘Tin Can Bay Rig’.

A light leader of say, 12lb is a good starting point. I like to use a 1oz snapper lead and then tie my dropper about 450mm above the sinker; I tend to make my dropper loop 150mm long and run the rest of my leader about a meter to my main line. This helps get the jig down in the strike zone, as most of the squid caught in The Bay are in 5m-9m of water.

Anyway, if you’re chasing a feed of fresh squid and need a couple of pointers, swing into the shop for a chat.

Also, a big welcome back to our visitors and can’t wait to see you out on the water!

Cheers and tight lines


The Chandlery Bait and Tackle

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