Family Fishing Classic is here!

Fish Classic - Rodney Parker, Craig Splatt, Rodney Mann happy with their catch.

Rodney Parker, Craig Splatt, Rodney Mann happy with their catch.

Yes, it’s arrived! The annual, much anticipated Rainbow Beach Family Fishing Classic. In its 33rd year and still such a drawcard for families Australia-wide.

What could be more fun than taking a holiday to fish and talk to your mates for eight days and perhaps have a tinny or two.

The classic runs from Friday July 19 to Saturday July 27 with the official start at 4pm, Friday July 19,  with the first weigh-in at 4pm Saturday, July 20.

The competition is run over eight days and our visitors will enjoy not only the competition and prizes, but we get to show off this idyllic setting, beautiful white sandy beaches, 4WD driving and some of the most pristine boating waterways in the world – all which make this tournament unique.

This event has four major classes of fishing – Beach, Reef, Jew and Big Fish  – providing offshore, inshore and beach fishing. Check out the fishing section in these pages.

These classes cater for people of all levels of fishing experience and all major prizes are given based on participation rather than competitive spirit.

RB Bowls Club manager Nathan Kropp said: “The emphasis of this event is on ‘Family’ and ‘Community’, providing the motivation for both family and the community to come together, reconnect and enjoy participating in a fun outdoor activity.”

All you need to do is fill in an online entry form or download from the website, complete the details and send it off.

We will see you there!

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