Low costs for marine safety with Coastguard

The long tow home for a struggling boatie by the Tin Can Bay Coast Guard - become a member today

The long tow home for a struggling boatie by the Tin Can Bay Coast Guard – become a member today

Boats and motors are more reliable than ever, but we see breakdowns in near new installations and motors that are regularly serviced. Not only are boaties subject to breakdowns, there are a huge number of things that can generate the need for assistance.

Everything imaginable such as medical emergencies, collision with underwater objects and severe weather events can see Coast Guard activated to help.

You can join our Marine Assist program for as little as $65 per year, which will give you protection against requests for large sums for your rescue. In addition, it provides some peace of mind for your loved ones who know that there are some tasks and services we perform for members that are not available to the general public.

Our Marine Assist program also gives you the opportunity to support us in our work, which is funded less than 25% by government. Along with our other fundraising initiatives, it keeps us trained and resourced to be able to respond to emergencies.

On joining, you will be issued with a “Tango number” which enables you to log on without repeating all the details usually required. Not only that, we maintain a database of alternate contact details, car and trailer registration and other information to find you quickly if something does go wrong.

Coast Guard Tin Can Bay provides three levels of subscription to this service, beginning with Inshore Coverage for $65 per year, Near Offshore coverage for $95 per year and Far Offshore coverage for $115 per year. These are among the lowest costs of any of the Marine Rescue services in Queensland.

You can visit our base at Tin Can Bay, or phone us on 5486 4290 between 6am and 6pm any day to get a brochure and membership form. If you own a boat, please consider joining. Also if you have lapsed your membership, please consider renewing your coverage.

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