The Country Club continue their support of community

At the end of last year the Tin Can Bay Country Club held a successful golf and bowls day with raffles to help support prostate cancer. Club Manager Brad Robb said: “We had 110 golfers, 22 bowlers and they were all supplied a lovely lunch.

“All the food was donated and we held more raffles throughout the month to increase the amount we were able to donate.

“In the end we managed to raise $3500.00 for prostate cancer which is so prevalent in our lifetime – everyone knows someone who has or is suffering from this disease.”

According to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia: “Every year, 1.3 million men worldwide are diagnosed with prostate cancer. Notably, Australia has one of the highest incidence rates internationally, with one in every seven Australian men likely to be diagnosed during their lifetime.

CEO of Prostate Cancer Foundation Professor Jeff Dunn AO says an estimated 20,000 Australian men will be diagnosed with the disease this year.

“While survival rates for prostate cancer are high, with over 95 per cent of men likely to survive at least five years, the diagnosis of prostate cancer is a major life stress that is often followed by challenging treatment-related symptoms and heightened distress,” he says.

It’s important you are checked regularly especially if there is a family history. Further information at:

The back of the Manager Brad Robb’s car packed full of presents on their way to Community Action

The back of the Manager Brad Robb’s car packed full of presents on their way to Community Action

The Ultimate Christmas Toy Raffle

The Country Club held another successful Ultimate Christmas Toy Raffle last month with all the money raised donated to Community Action.

Club Manager, Brad Robb said: “We held a toy raffle in 2018 and because it was such a great success, we ran another one last month – with 50 prizes.”

“As a community club our role is to bring people together for a good cause and support the community and this year we felt Community Action was an important charity to help.”

The Charity supplied details of those who would especially benefit from a Christmas gift and Brad and his wife Heather went shopping and purchased a special gift for each person.

Brad said: “The club donated $2,300 worth of presents and gift cards to 38 children ranging from nine months to 15 years old.

“Each present was picked specifically for that person and gift wrapped with the balance of the funds donated as gift cards.”

Community Action are a registered community housing provider with a mission to provide housing and support services in response to the needs of the community. They have had a huge number of people seeking support and are struggling to meet the demand.

Chinese New Year Celebrations at the Country Club

The Country Club are holding Chinese New Year celebrations in January and every diner will receive free dumplings and dim sims to celebrate!

Chinese New Year officially begins on January 25th and ends on February 4th however the club will be holding their event early on Wednesday 22nd from 7pm.

There will be a Lion Dance which is a form of traditional Chinese dance performed at festivals such as the Chinese New Year for good luck.

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