Lantern Walk in Rainbow Beach

Two cuties enjoying the lights

Two cuties enjoying the lights

Barb Rees

While talking one day about their homeland memories two friends, Corinna from the north and Lucia from the south of Germany, realised they both had the same favourite memory …. the celebration of St Martins Day.

Usually held in November each year to herald in the winter it involves lanterns and biscuits and hot chocolate and singing. Why not introduce Rainbow Beach to their tradition? Thus the idea of the Lantern Walk was born.

“We organised the kids in playgroup to make lanterns out of leaves and cardboard hung on branches, just like we used to.” explained Corinna. “Who doesn’t love lanterns?” laughed Lucia.

Just before dark a small crowd gathered at the Community Centre, all rugged up and with a variety of lovingly made lanterns. Lucia handed out a song list to all and explained a bit about the history of the Lantern Walk.

With a strumming on the guitars we were off and walking. It was truly a lovely sight to behold! I counted around 40 people, young and old, walking and singing along the main street of Rainbow Beach.

After a short stroll we gathered in the park and sang our hearts out. By far the most popular song was Twinkle Twinkle sung with gusto by everyone. Then it was back to the community centre for homemade biscuits and hot chocolate! Yum!

Both Corinna and Lucia were really happy with the turnout “We especially want to thank the playgroup parents. They were so enthusiastic!

“Hopefully we can make it a yearly event here in Rainbow Beach too, to celebrate the coming of winter. We want all the kids to experience our traditions and have wonderful memories like we have!”

If you missed it this year do yourself a favour and get involved next year, you won’t be sorry!

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