Join up – the Stingers are in town!

Brad Hethorn is roping in some StingersYou know nippers, well Rainbow Beach SLSC is starting a new group – watch out for the Stingers.

If you are 13 or retired, all you need is a current your SRC (Surf Rescue Certificate) or your bronze medallion.

Organiser Brad Hethorn said, “There are no age limits!”

Will there be any theory? No. Will there be any assessment? No – just plenty of fun.

“Stingers will start every Sunday straight after nippers. It will be like a mini-carnival every week. Stingers will work on all the elements and down the track we can introduce skis, as the club has been able to acquire some.”

It gives nippers a stepping stone onwards and is a way to keep them interested, Brad says, “We can take Stingers to competitions and carnivals if they are keen… it may even produce some iron men and women!”

Pretty much everything involved in lifesaving: boards, flags, sprints, surf swims and rescues will be performed in relay form, individual races, team events and handicap races.

“Our main aim is to increase all our skills on the beach and in the water which in turn will give us more confidence on patrol.”

Age manager of nippers for the last 4 years, and with three teens of his own, Brad felt the club could offer more to active members, “There’s a gap between nippers and patrol – a need for skill based learning when new recruits come on board. It’s a good way to keep kids interested in continuing patrol but also of benefit to older clubbies.”

Brad says Stingers will help people get to know more club members, “We want this to be fun and team building, it’s a way to meet clubbies on different patrols to the one you are one.”

So come on, join in – Brad promises you’ll have fun and might even learn something!

When- Sundays after Nippers to finish by 12.30 – 1pm

Where- in front of the tower

Starts- Sunday, October 5

Bring- pink rashie and sunscreen


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