Fishing Report Tin Can Bay October 2015

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It will be back to school next week but not before one last long weekend and it looks like the weather gods have saved the best for last.  The forecast for the weekend ahead is looking great with Sunday and Monday being the stand out days if your looking to hit the water.

Over the holidays we have had a good mix of the bread and butter species such as whiting, bream and flathead being caught throughout Tin Can Inlet and thenGreat Sandy Straits with the majority of flathead being taken on lures with a mix of soft plastics and hard bodies.  The low tides this weekend early in the morning it will be worth getting out early before the boat traffic increases and try around areas such as Carlo, Teebar and Alligator creeks or around Bullock Point.

Ida Island as always is a popular spot for chasing summer whiting with worms and yabbies working best or alternatively try small surface lures for a little added excitement.  Schools of Golden Trevally are also active throughout the Straits at the moment these fish are great fun on light gear and do fair pretty well on the table if bleed on capture.

Both mud and sand crabs have been active throughout the straits over the past few weeks and will be well worth soaking a few pots.  Just be mindful not to position your pots in the middle of the channels as this creates a navigational hazard for other boaties.  It is also worth noting to ensure you have enough rope attached to your pots and that you don’t position them in areas of high tidal flow.  We are still having some rather big tides after the recent full moon and this can cause your pots to shift.

Offshore has been fishing pretty well with reports of pearl perch, tusk fish, amberjack and cod.

Even though the sand is slowly returning to our beach the rocks at Mudlo continue to claim vehicles of those running the gauntlet.  It is important to plan your trip around the tides and if in doubt use the Freshwater track.

Until next week stay safe on the water.

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