February 2020 fish talk

Pick the right lure for the right conditions and the right fish - Barra caught using a Molix 4.5” RT Shad Lure

Pick the right lure for the right conditions and the right fish

G’day guys and gals!! We hope that you are all keeping well and getting amongst a few.

How have those Mangrove Jack been lately, chewing their heads off that is for sure! Now that February has rolled around and seeing how good the Jack fishing has been the last few months, one would expect that the Barra session that is now upon us should be the same.

Let’s have a quick look at a few lures you might like to use to target Barra or a Jack.  I probably bang on about the Molix 4.5’’ RT Shads a bit, but to be honest they are a great plastic for targeting the guys.

Rigged up weedless or on a conventional jighead they do catch fish. Hardbodies like the Lucky Craft Pointers are a go-to for lots of Barra fisho’s fresh and salt; the 100XDs are a proven winner.

I also like the 78DD in the slow suspend for the Jacks or when the Barra are feeling a little lazy.  Vibes like the Zerek Fish Trap and Samaki Vibelicous are great for when you are fishing in deeper holes.

I like to nose in to the current and fish the vibes back with a gentle but firm lift of the rod tip.

Now surface fishing around twilight times can be great fun too.  The Lucky Craft G Splash is a popular popper and tends to sit flat on the surface of the water.

But don’t disregard the tried and tested Halco Rooster Poppers in 105 and 135mm.  They are also a cracker lure for Pelagics, which shouldn’t be too far away from turning up in the bay.

Cheers and tight lines

The Chandlery Bait and Tackle, Tin Can Bay