DroughtRunners appreciate donations

Droughtrunners - Some Presents donated by Bev Yeoman

Some Presents donated by Bev Yeoman

Tony Stewart

Contrary to what you see and hear on TV about flooding rains, well there are plenty of places in Queensland that have hardly had a drop in the last 12 months.

This is why our Christmas run is headed to Winton and is being coordinated by Family Support at the Winton Council. Even though reports may say Winton had 80mm, just 30 kms away had nil – that is the irony of storm rain.

It is only through wonderful donations that we are able to help those in need so firstly I must make mention of 2 x big four-figure $ donations from Rotary Club of Bendigo and Tin Can Bay Holiday Park (Mel and Steve).

Also last month we had very generous donations from Pat and Harvey, Bob and Desley Elmer (plum puddings), Bill and Patty Watts, Heather Stevenson, Ian and Julie Davidson (Christmas cakes). From Tin Can Bay we had Colleen Phie, Brian and Nita Lindfield, L&M Gray with donations and toys, and a donation from Tin Can Bay Bakery.

Also many thanks to all who donated  to our bin at Cooloola Coast Realty near Woolies. Bill Neal and Jim Snee of Tin Can Bay continue to donate wooden toys and other items for us. The Bush Bundle of Brisbane have again donated around 35 presents for us and Big W Gympie have been very generous discounting 150 items I purchased there and are supplying Christmas paper and wrapping all presents.

Wayne Kerle will continue our bottle and can collections with help from Bay Auto Tin Can Bay – many thanks. We will also be sending to Winton $1000 in IGA vouchers, with $3000 in Visa cards as well as around 30 family hampers, detergents, toilet paper etc. We have also donated to feed the homeless in Gympie.

Many thanks to our local publications for their advertising which is much appreciated.

This will be our last run for some months as it’s time for a break over summer, but we will still be looking at the skies and keeping all posted. It’s been a big and long six years.

Have a safe & happy Christmas.

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