Dragons Celebrate 10 years!

Past and present, members, sponsors and supporters of the ‘Cooloola Dragons’ came together to celebrate the Club’s 10th anniversary on March 6. Yes, 10 years of dragon boating in Tin Can Bay!

Certainly, ten years of dragon boating has ‘sneaked up’ on us and from that first opening weekend in 2003 until the present time, the Cooloola Dragons have not been idle, both on and off the water.

Current President and coach Gayle Barnett, gave those attending, a brief overview of the club’s first 10 years, which I’m sure, brought back many fond memories to those longer serving members. For the more recent members and the special guests gathered, this overview provided some insight as to the Club’s ‘evolution’ and it was great to have so many past paddlers there, to share stories with current members and in turn, hear of the Club’s development and direction in more recent times.

It was also wonderful to receive the many good wishes sent from past members, near and far, who were unable to attend, with a special email ‘Blessing’ from our past ‘Princess’ (Chris Worsefield) adding to the fun of the night.

Jan Low, the Club’s longest registered member, was given the honour of cutting the rather large cake, baked especially for the occasion and all present were encouraged to view the numerous displays depicting the Club’s first 10 years.

While the Club proudly displayed trophies and medals received in more recent regatta events (including State Titles competition)… the multitude of images on display attested to the continuing thread of fun, friendship and community connection that has always been integral to the very fabric of the Cooloola Dragon Boat Club.

So, in this, our 10th year, we would like to acknowledge and thank, not only past and present sponsors, but all of the  community businesses, groups and individuals (far too many to list them all here… but you know who you are!) who have assisted and supported the Cooloola Dragon Boat Club at any time during the past 10 years….. whether by way of major assistance such as that provided by the local S.E.S and Volunteer Coast Guard at our local regatta events; whether by way of participation in one of our social or community fun day events; whether by purchasing an item at our annual garage sale or merely by ordering a cup of coffee at ‘The Dragons’ Lair’ on market day…. We recognise and value your support however large or small.

In this first 10 years, the Cooloola Dragon Boat Club has  been able to ‘give back’ to the community in a variety of ways and we hope to continue promoting fun, fitness and friendship through the exciting team water sport of Dragon Boat, long into the future.

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