New business – Natasha Leigh

Natasha has launched Natasha Leigh Properties

Natasha has launched Natasha Leigh Properties

Daughter of Sam and Maureen Mitchell, Natasha Leigh Dimmock has returned to Rainbow Beach after nearly 20 years working overseas.

Natasha has spent the time working for multinational hotel companies and launching her own resort and real estate agency in the Fiji Islands with her husband, Dan.

Both Dan and Natasha said they love living in Rainbow Beach and while Dan continues to work remotely on their interests in Fiji, Natasha has jumped in feet first doing what she loves and knows best – real estate.

Natasha has launched Natasha Leigh Properties, offering mobile property sales support to the Cooloola region.

She said: “If you own it I would love to sell it, and if you are looking for property, I will look after you until you find the perfect fit.”

After home-schooling in Fiji for four years Natasha’s children are thrilled to be going to ‘real school’.

The whole family has embraced the lifestyle and Natasha is the Nippers manager for the Rainbow Beach Surf Club, which means she is definitely back to Rainbow.

When the time came to choose where in Australia the family would settle for the high school years the vote was unanimous, all four votes for Rainbow Beach!

“I can be perfectly honest in saying that I have never seen anywhere in the world as ideal for children to grow up than this region.

“We’ve got the perfect combination of excellent schools and a world-class natural playground right on our doorstep,” said Natasha.

You can visit Natasha’s real estate gallery at 6 Rainbow Beach Road (between the TIC and Epic) featuring both local properties and drool-worthy listings from the Fiji Islands.

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