Dolphins aren’t always on time!

The weather is still very changeable and has had an impact of the number of dolphins and their arrival times. Some days we have two dolphins and other days we are blessed with four. However they are not always on time for their 8am feed.

We have had a few disappointed visitors who couldn’t stay around after 8.30am but we have no control as to what time they arrive at the Centre. Visitors and locals are needed to be reminded of this and allow more time for their visit.

We open the gates everyday at 7am which gives you time to interact with the dolphins (if they are early) before the feeding begins at 8am.

Boaties and fishermen are to be reminded also to not encourage and feed the dolphins from boats. This is a very serious illegal practice and will impact on the dolphins viability.

To allow dolphins to be fed at the Centre involved a lot of guidelines set down by the EPA and Marine Parks, so we hope the public respects this and adhere to the many signs which are in place at Carlo and Tin Can Bay. The feeding program is a big tourist draw card for Tin Can Bay.

See you at the dolphins.

Norma Sanderson, volunteer.

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