Council Update October 2015

Hopefully the screens to hide the unsightly development will be up soon!

Hopefully the screens to hide the unsightly development will be up soon!

Sealing Counter Road

After our report on the ‘Meet the Mayor and Councillors’ session in Rainbow Beach, we received this response from Vaughan and Therese Skuthorpe:

“Counter Road has minimal or no relevance to Rainbow as it is too distant to be relevant. Whereas Cooloola Way has everything to do with Rainbow, it is close, making it imperative to have money spent on it.

Rainbow Beach has an ageing population in the town of a large percentage approaching 50% and a number of only 1100 approximately. It won’t take long for us to die off or go to nursing homes. Leaving the town almost unable to function.

….We need to be finding ways to attract a population of 3000 to 5000 and developing more business and work. What an ask!

This is why we are so concerned to get everything we can to add to our community. If we don’t put our minds together for the next five years?

…..We need to get Cooloola Way sealed as soon as possible. So we may benefit more directly to Rainbow Beach Road to and from Noosa to Hervey Bay, spreading the confidence, wealth, business and jobs, a future for all.”

Cr Mark McDonald’s response:

Council has worked tremendously hard to ensure Rainbow is and always will be in the top few destinations in the world.

With respect to Cooloola Way, it’s an impossible ask for Council to upgrade this route. We spent $600,000 on it after the floods and realistically you wonder where it went.

The proposed coastal route is to eventually carry traffic from Caloundra to Agnes Waters. The route would allow visitors to exit and travel to specific destinations on the coast, such as Rainbow Beach, Tin Can Bay and Bargara. It is not meant to be destination Hervey Bay.

We have had strong commitment from Noosa and Fraser Coast councils, for the Counter Road option, they in no way would support a Cooloola Way option.

Destination Gympie is a regional tourism body, encompassing the four corners of our region… it is important that we have to work outside our own communities and regions to be successful in many of our endeavours.

Destination Gympie works with Sunshine Coast tourism and Fraser Coast tourism and I believe this last winter we have experienced the positive flow-on effects of this association.

I have great optimism for Rainbow Beach’s future and Council will, where possible, support its future growth and prosperity.

Town entrance We were advised in July that work had started on beautifying the town entrance. New screens for the unsightly construction area between Rainbow Beach 4×4 Hire and Top Shops are ready for installation.

Unfortunately there were delays, as supports for the fence were needed with the added weight of the screens. Watch this space!

Steps to beach The tender has been awarded – the company have been requested to complete the stairs by Christmas.

Cotton tree Prior to the school holidays, the cotton tree at the lookout received a much needed “haircut”. Once school is back, they will provide more trimming.

Rainbow Shores Drive is being closed – and is in process. There will be “no through access” for vehicles, but pedestrian access remains.

Slow vehicle lanes between Rainbow Beach and Gympie  Council CEO Bernard Smith has taken the issue to the Traffic Advisory Group with the Department of Main Roads. They will discuss merits, costs and opportunity.

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