Vinnies Rainbow Beach is now open!

Retail Operations Manager from St. Vincent de Paul, Lisa Baker, presents Vinnies Rainbow Beach!

Retail Operations Manager from St. Vincent de Paul, Lisa Baker, presents Vinnies Rainbow Beach!

Lisa Baker, the Retail Operations Manager, St. Vincent de Paul, Northern Diocese spoke with Community News about the new Vinnies store in Rainbow Beach.

“We saw Rainbow Beach as a fantastic opportunity to go into a community that would benefit so much from having us there. We provide not only the best shopping experience ever but also open our doors welcoming locals to come and join us by volunteering.

“In return, we provide them with a beautiful, up-to-date and modern store, a positive and happy work environment, the opportunity to meet new friends and give back to their local community as the same time.

“We also provide the opportunity for everyone in the community to donate their unwanted goodies in the safe knowledge that we use all these valuable donations to provide funds for those in our communities that are in need, and for many other programs the Society funds.”

Vinnies would love volunteers. Anyone interested can pop into the store, have a chat to the volunteer staff and the Centre Coordinator, Alex Henderson, and be welcomed with open arms.

If you would like to donate, the donation bin is inside the new store, so customers are encouraged to bring their goodies with them when they come to shop.

For businesses and accommodation houses, Lisa said, “We would love to be their first point of call to come and collect any unwanted goods, lost property items, furniture or larger items. We have the ability to service everyone on a regular basis as we have a truck fleet that will be in the Cooloola Coast area at least twice a week.

“Anyone wanting to establish an ongoing relationship with us by regularly donating will be rewarded with a consistent and convenient way to remove those items, knowing that they are being recycled into the community and not collecting dust somewhere or, even worse, going to landfill.”

Alex and the team are super keen to become a huge part of the communities of Rainbow Beach, Tin Can Bay and Cooloola Cove and would like to invite everyone to come along and say hi to them. Do some shopping, ask about volunteering and bring along your donations.

Shop 1, 14 Rainbow Beach Road, 07 5482 2737,  0438 018 355 or email the store at and leave your details.

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