Council Update July 2016

What is happening to the view – again?

The pruning of the cotton trees which grow from the lower car park is a major exercise requiring elevated platform vehicle to access these trees.

The frequency of addressing that section of the cotton trees is less than that where Council crews can reach from the ground. While the pruning is positive for view it does present these larger trees poorly for some time. It is intended that this work will be carried out in late July early August to allow them to have some regrowth for the September holidays.

Where are we at with “Our Towns”

Rainbow Beach

Our Towns is under final internal review and intended to be presented to Council for endorsement at the next workshop before being placed on display for a short period. The list for Stage 5 will be available following Council’s endorsement.

Tin Can Bay and Cooloola Cove

Our Towns projects are still some time off, certainly beyond July – subsequent investigations/final concepts/detailed engineering drawings need to be undertaken prior to any construction activities. Investigations and detailed concepts are currently being drafted. 

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