A new health clinic for the coast

dentist new nov 14bMeet dentist, William Edmeades and health coach, Paola Chadwick. The newlyweds met in China in 2000 when William was delivering babies and Paola was teaching English. These travellers are both enjoying their first venture together: the Coloured Sands Clinic.

Located at Cooloola Cove Shopping Centre, they are also recruiting a doctor. William says, “Bulk billing for the doctor is something we are aiming for and it makes a lot of sense. We are asking people to register their interest in a GP with us, as this will help lure a good candidate!”

Both clinician’s professional lives started a long way from Australia.

William trained at the University of London at the Royal London Hospital and St Bartholomew’s Hospital, home to the famous elephant man back in the 1800’s with a history going as far back as 1123.

Now both leading world renowned teaching hospitals and home to London’s Air Ambulance, he says these institutions formed an inspiring and motivating environment to develop from.

William gained a lot of further experience working in hospitals at the oral and maxillofacial surgery departments for three years.

“I spent many a night shift in A&E stabilizing patients from massive trauma injuries or sewing up faces from knife, glass or other such injuries. I was given responsibilities of carrying out the surgical procedures referred into the hospital by dentists such as wisdom teeth or implants or cysts.”

After this William worked in private practice, providing general dental care, advanced surgical rehabilitation and cosmetic work, and trained in botox and dermal fillers. In Scotland he worked in a prestigious implant and dental referral clinic performing hundreds of implants a year.

William also enjoys working for charities that have seen him work in Kenya, Laos, Thailand, Morocco, China, and has even seen him lead a team to a remote Masai tribe for research and treatment of oral health and cataract problems.

He migrated to Australia in 2011, moving to the region in 2013 with Paola. They worked for a year before deciding to set up on their own.

“We are definitely fans of this place and see this as a great opportunity to settle. Gympie and surrounds has so much to offer! Cooloola is beautiful and quiet too, and seems like an area of need – so why not make a contribution?”

He says dentistry can be pitched at many different levels, ‘Hollywood to neglect’ and each patient is different. “I am happy to work with my patients to find out what best suits their needs – rather than impose treatment on them. We both strongly believe in the individuality of every patient.

Paola is an art historian and archaeologist specialising in Islamic Art who was also trained in the University of London, and worked in New York at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, following William to Australia in 2012.

Paola said, “After suffering from health issues I became extremely interested in health and natural and preventive ways of living and I decided to study to become a Health Coach at the prestigious School for Integrative Nutrition in New York, because I wanted to help other people understand and take control of their own health.”

“This is how the future medicine is heading. We are both big believers in preventive medicine and the long term results. Being a Health Coach means being a guide to a healthy living. We inspire and help people to achieve what sometimes can be difficult changes in their lives for the better.”

Paola says that nutrition doesn’t have to be so hard, “It is all about eating real food that tastes amazing and will make you feel amazing. This balance with the way you live is what I am passionate about.”

Visit Paola and William, and discover how they can help you achieve optimum health.

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