Council Roundup February 2016

Have you noticed the new banner at the entrance to Rainbow Beach?

Have you noticed the new banner at the entrance to Rainbow Beach?

Recently, Rainbow Beach residents and visitors alike would have noticed that they are now welcomed into town with a 150 metre banner, with iconic photos and landscapes of our beautiful coast.

“I am really pleased for the residents of Rainbow, as for too many years they’ve had to endure the eyesore of the unfinished construction site.

“I worked closely with our infrastructure directorate to come up with a solution which will hide the structure behind and also enhance the entry to town. I personally picked the photos and could not be happier with the end result,” said Councillor Mark McDonald.

Councillor McDonald went on to say he was extremely grateful to the staff who put it up, on one of our rare wet days in January.

He reassured Rainbow Beach and coastal residents that the cotton tree he has had successfully pruned is now in a regulated pruning regime.

“It is our endeavour, that it will never get out of control again and in the near future will be fenced. It is vital that now we can see the ocean, we maintain that aesthetic.”

Councillor McDonald said due to the incredible volume of respondents for the ‘Our Towns Project’, the consultants have asked for an extension of time, to thoroughly assess and give full consideration to all.

“This has been a credit to the residents of the coast. The consultants have never been as overwhelmed by the number of responses in their time, and given our population.

“This is great for our residents, as both Mayor Mick Curran and I value community engagement enormously, and look forward to their findings,” Councillor McDonald said.

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