Cooloola City Farm Nursery – November Plant of the Month

Melaleuca nodosa flowers in spring and summer

Melaleuca nodosa flowers in spring and summer

Melaleuca nodosa is commonly known as the prickly-leaved paperbark and flowers in spring and summer, often after rain.

It is a shrub of the Myrtaceae family growing thick, papery bark, usually in sandy soil, to a height of 2m x 2.5 across.  The stiff linear leaves are rather variable in size and shape, but usually 3cm long, tapering to a point.

The flowers are cream to yellow and arranged in dense heads on the ends of branches. Each head is up to 1.5cm in diameter and contains up to 20 groups of flowers in threes.  It blooms best in a sunny position but will tolerate shade.

Fruits that follow are woody, cup shaped capsules, usually in tight, globular clusters along the stems. Annual light pruning will encourage a bushy shape. This endemic shrub is an important source of pollen for bees.

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