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City Farm Plant of the Month July 2023: Acacia Fimbriata: Our August plant of the month is Acacia fimbriata, commonly known as
City Farm Plant of the Month July 2023: Pandorea jasminoides rosea: Our Plant of the Month for July 2023 is Pandorea jasminoides rosea,
City Farm Plant of the Month June 2023 – Westringia: Westringia, commonly known as native or coastal rosemary; they are less flamboyant
City Farm Plant of the Month January 2023: Juncas usitatus, known as ‘Common Rush’ is one of 24 of the
City Farm Plant of the Month – Bangalow Palm: The Bangalow Palm (Archontophoenix cunninghamiana), also known as a Piccabeen Palm, is
Plant of the Month, November 2022: ELAEOCARPUS  RETICULATUS A small to medium sized tree which, in a suburban
Plant of the Month, October 2022: TUCKEROO Small to medium tree growing to 10-15m, Cupaniopsis anacardioides is commonly
Plant of the Month, September 2022: Xanthostemon chrysanthus A popular tree native to South East Queensland, also known
P&C Want Your Free Trees!: Did you know that every half-year rates notice is worth a free
Plant of the Month, August 2022: Melaleuca thymifolia This shrub, also known as thyme-leaf honey myrtle, grows to