Congratulations school leaders!

Ruby, Ella, "spilt milkshake” Shailah and Ella have a really CRAZY hair day!

Ruby, Ella, “spilt milkshake” Shailah and Ella have a really CRAZY hair day!

by Principal Micheal Grogan

Last month, we formally introduced our school leaders. I would like to thank MP Llew O’Brien and everyone who celebrated this significant achievement for our leaders.

Our key message to our leaders is that leadership is about your actions, not your position. I am sure that we will see through their actions that we have eight very capable student leaders for 2017.

At the Gympie Primary Leaders’ Day, we learnt about how to be a great leader and what it is to be a responsible role model. We merged into groups with other schools and had to use communication in all teamwork activities.

The gold rush challenge was where one person from every group was blindfolded. Their group had to guide that one person to a bit of gold, then to the end of the course before the next person in the team could go.

The aim of the Leaders’ Day was goal setting. For example, we had to set a goal for how far up the climbing wall we wanted to go.

There was an informative session with retired Brisbane Broncos players, Paul Dyer and Darren Burns. They talked about goal setting, healthy living and having successful relationships.

Perhaps the most inspirational of them all was keynote speaker, Lorin Nicholson who talked about functioning in society as a legally blind citizen. Despite his disability, he is a successful author and musician. We all finished the day feeling motivated.

P&C news

We had the hand dryers installed finally and we are planning a Mother’s Day stall!

The P&C will be fundraising at this years Hot Rod & Rockabilly Rumble with a Rockabilly Bake Sale and raffle, Sunday April 30.

But, we need your help! This is your chance to help the P&C raise money for your school quite effortlessly.

A laundry basket needs to be filled! Think; dishwashing liquid, cleaning products, cloths, pegs, laundry powder, Napisan, softener, towels, bath mat, sunscreen, toothbrush/paste, toilet paper, soap, moisturiser, shaving gel, deodorant, paper towel, tea towels, ice bricks, water bottle…

Please, new items only. No food/drink/perishable items, household items only. Please drop items into office, or contact Brooke: 0412132699

Brekky and fitness club

We’ve been having lots of fun at fitness club from 7am and Brekky Club from 7.45am each Thursday.

Menus have varied from pumpkin and honey muffins, fruit kebabs, cereal and toast;  bacon and eggs, fresh fruit and hot cross buns.

Fitness Club Sessions aren’t simple runs – Wall push-ups, wall snow angels, wall squats, planks, jogs, balance work and stretches.

We’d love to see you on Thursday mornings and invite mums and dads to join us for breakfast.

Also if you’d like to help out, join in a workout or donate some ingredients, organisers Sarah Booth and Leanne Bosse say they’d “love you forever”.

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