Congratulations 2017 Leaders at Tin Can Bay P-10 School

Prep 1 skeletons are shepherded by teacher Stacey Searl

Prep 1 skeletons are shepherded by teacher Stacey Searl

by Principal Desley Kirby

Over the last few weeks, students have participated in a rigorous application process for Student Leader positions. Congratulations to our school captains for 2017:

Senior School Captains:  Tehmia Masri and Braden Gray

Senior Vice Captains:  Anna Dunstan and Tim Brigden

Junior School Captains:  Ell Yates and Amber Daniels

Junior Vice Captains: Elsie Gray and Imogen Latimore

Student Voice Captain: Chelsea Brennan

Junior House Captains:

Carlo:  Rakeen Masri and Clara Roche

Tuncan: Blake Hale and Isla Gallego

Wallu: Lachlan Kyle and Cody Walker

I look forward to working with all of the student leaders in 2017.

P-2 Awards

Thank you to parents who once again showed their support of students and the school by taking time out of their day to attend this event. A great way to finish the year!

Holt Bolt Challenge

Over 250 students participated in the Holt Bolt Challenge held on the oval on Monday.  Students tested their endurance on two giant slides, rope climb, obstacle course, foam tunnel and laser tag, followed by a well-deserved sausage sizzle.

The Holt Bolt Company representatives commended the students on their behaviour, respect and how well they followed instructions. Well done to our students and many thanks to TCB staff as well, who gave up their time to help make this event such a success.

Staff News

This year we farewell the following staff who have been with us on contracts in 2016:   Kym Reker, Georgia Kello, Ruth Roche, Rebecca Crowe and Rikki Lister, and long term staff members: Rachael Facer,  Darryn Hooklyn and Michelle Thompson.

I wish these teachers the very best and thank them for the wonderful contribution they have each made to TCB this year.

2017 School Calendars

Keep up to date with school holidays and important school events – purchase a $3 school calendar to help raise funds for our school choir, available from Tin Can Bay Fruit and Vegie Mart.

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