Community Camera Alliance – Working together to solve crime

Scan this QR Code to register for the Community Camera Alliance

Scan this QR Code to register for the Community Camera Alliance

Do you have a CCTV system in your home or business?

Would you like to assist in making the community safer?

The Community Camera Alliance is a Queensland Police Service (QPS) voluntary closed circuit television (CCTV) registration program. The Gympie Patrol Group aims to promote the relationship between the community and the QPS by encouraging the registration of CCTV systems located in the Gympie region, which of course includes the Cooloola Coast, in order to prevent crime and make the community safer.

CCTV has become a crucial investigation tool in modern day policing. Footage is regularly used to investigate and solve often serious crimes and is invaluable when used as evidence. Knowing the location of established CCTV systems within the community will maximize the efficiency of investigative resources and minimize the loss of potential evidence.

Registration is open to any individual, owner or operator of a CCTV system within the Gympie Patrol Group, is completely voluntary, and registration can be removed from the database if you change your mind or no longer have a CCTV system.

For more information or to register your CCTV system scan the QR code or go to

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