Where to in an Emergency?

Should our community be under threat from any of the following risks:

Flood Bushfire Severe Storm
Closed Roads Tidal Surge Blocked Communication
Prolonged Drought Communicable Diseases

Where would you look for help?

The Tin Can Bay Community & Men’s Shed has offered its facilities and personnel to support the Cooloola Coast Community Local Disaster Management Support Group (CCLDMSG) as a point of contact for the Tin Can Bay/Cooloola Cove/Rainbow Beach/Wallu/Goomboorian areas.

In practice, this will mean that the TCBCAMS will work with the CCCLDMSG to educate the community about disasters and emergencies, act as point of reference/contact in an emergency and provide feedback to the CCCLDMSG about disaster management operational matters.

TCBCAMS focuses on health and safety and is proud to offer this service to the community in conjunction with the CCCLDMSG.

New faces always welcome.

Tin Can Bay Community & Men’s Shed,

Open 9am – 12 Noon Monday – Friday,

Amity Place, Tin Can Bay.

Phone: 0491 175 038

Email: tincanmensshed@gmail.com

Facebook: Tin Can Bay Community & Men’s Shed Inc.

Website: https://www.tincanbaymensshed.com

by Carole Lehmann

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