CCMT volunteers: Darryl Peters

CCMT Volunteer Darryl PetersYour role: Volunteer Driver mostly to Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, and assisted in the building of the new offices at Bream St TCB

Hours: Approximately 15 a week.

What you like about volunteering: Meeting new people, being able to give my free time in assisting people who utilize the service offered by the Medical Transport

How long have you lived here? Five years at Cooloola Cove, originating from Daisy Hill at Logan City

Other jobs: I work for a company that locate and clear unexploded ordnance at various defence bases

Hobbies: Fishing and house renovating

Other clubs: Past Flotilla Commander of the Volunteer Coast Guard Assn at Tully

Favourite movie: Paint Your Wagon

Favourite book: Gulliver’s Travels

Favourite spot: Double Island Point

Why would you encourage others to come on board? There is a genuine camaraderie in assisting the local community through the Medical Transport Services

Any comments: On numerous occasions, it has been stated by clients, what a great service the Medical Transport provides, and without it they would have no way of attending their medical appointments afar.

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