Bird of the month – Long-Billed Corella

Long-billed Corella - Photo credit: Scott Humphris

Long-billed Corella – Photo credit: Scott Humphris

The cheeky and gregarious long-billed corella, renowned for its ability to mimic words and whole sentences to almost perfection, is our colourful bird of the month for July.

Looking a treat with its stunning 80s-inspired vibrant light blue eyeshadow, white plumage and bright red bib, the long-billed corella loves to dine on roots, seeds, corms, insects, and bulbs.

Once a pair have met they remain monogamous and both sexes share the task of building the nest, incubating the eggs, and caring for the young.

Nests are usually made in decayed debris or in the hollows of large old eucalypts.

A highly social bird, they are often seen foraging in large flocks on the ground and have a fondness for grassy woodlands and grasslands, but can also be sighted in urban areas.

by Melissa Marie

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