An exciting month to volunteer!

coastcare cooloola coastLast month gave the volunteers of Cooloola Coastcare some unique opportunities to explore the different ecosystems of our beautiful coast.

First we hopped on a catamaran and tagged along with Reef Check Australia up the Sandy Strait for a closer look at the reefs in this area.

Using old maps as far back as twenty years we were able to confirm or deny the existence of different reefs along the strait, as well as marking new ones along the way.

Reef Check’s enthusiasm and passion for the environment was infectious and you found yourself getting just as excited as them to spot soft coral amidst the sand.

The most exciting find was along the strait where two volunteers found a long unmarked reef drop off full of life.

Next in the month Cooloola CoastCare drove up to Boonooroo to monitor the quantity and health of seagrass growing in the area. Seagrass is an important food source for marine life big and small including dugongs, sea turtles and sea urchins.

If you want to get involved or have any questions please check out:

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